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Paper Piecing Challenge

I love the inspiration of all the challenges on the web! This Moxie Fab World Paper Piecing Challenge was quite a stretch for me… way outside my usual comfort zone.  And of course my paper cutter chose the day of the paper piecing challenge to go blooey on me!  But I had fun with it and made this card for my mom for Mother’s Day. She loves pink and pigs and this one is so cute.  I don’t know if you can tell from the photo, but the heart, pig, pig’s nose and “M” circle all are all popped up with little foam squares.

Turns out this card is also perfect for the Crafty Card Creations Challenge #62: Paper Piecing.  Completed two challenges in one without even realizing it!  Added bonus!

And another and another… this is also my submission for the Practical Scrappers’ Glitter and Bling Challenge as well as the Cuttlebug Spot Welcome to Spring Bling Challenge!  I just happened to use some glitter embossing powder, only because it is really the only embossing powder I have that works.. Must.. put.. quality embossing powder on wish list.  Also I want these stickles that everyone keeps talking about!!

Anyway, Practical Scrappers has really outdone themselves this week with the challenges!  I wonder how many I’ll be able to get done.  (Two down already! Go me!)

I’m not done with this paper piecing idea either.  I already have lots of ideas of how to “try again.”  Just as soon as work is over and I can get to my card making supplies…



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My First Card Challenge!

We just moved to Florida and, to put it mildly, my life is now in a bit of disarray.  What a joy it was to stumble upon the Go-to Sketches blog hop!  It brought a much-needed sparkle of fun into my day.  Not to mention the whole week.

Anyway, it inspired me to unpack my card-making supplies and jump back into it.  With the added incentive of Kim Kesti’s challenge and prize, I got right to work.

Due to the limited amount of supplies I was able to find in our yet-to-be-fully-unpacked boxes, I picked this sketch here

and made this Mother’s Day card:

This is also my entry for Cupcake Craft Challenge #85 to make your own flowers.  That’s right, each one of those flowers was lovingly hand-assembled from scraps.  This is something I want to do a lot more of… now I just need to get some flower dies instead of using scissors!!

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